It started, like many things, as a blob. Or that’s what we called ourselves in the beginning. Were we created on the third day? Or the fourth? A few passionate weirdos, strangers to one another at the time, got together over crumpets and coffee in a kitchen in Medicine Hat and started dreaming. We wanted to connect some dots, and people, and ideas. We wanted to be changemakers. And so we were.

In the beginning

What kind of community would you like to be a part of?

“If I transform the clay into a statue, I become a sculptor; if I transform the stones into a house, I become an architect; if I transform our society into something better for us all, I become a citizen.”  

Augusto Boal

Contact Us

PO Box 21023
RPO Cres Heights
25 8th Street NW
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8M3
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