Tool Library

We’ve been collecting tools for a while now and believe that it is time to take the next steps in making the Resilient.SEA Tool Library come to life. If you are able to help with any of the items on the wish list, or you’d like to join the organizing team, please get in touch.

Wish List

-a Sea-Can or large enclosed trailer for storing tools as they are received
-people interested in developing the library
-monetary donations to cover lending software
-handy folks to maintain tools and repair items
-a portable bicycle repair stand and portable tent for pop-up bike repairs
-tools! (used or new, in good working condition)
-a lawyer or law-speaking person to help with liability, insurance, waivers and whatnot

Let’s build a Tool Library in South Eastern Alberta. This is what it may involve:

A collection of tools that can be borrowed similar to borrowing a book from the library.

Repair Cafes and workshops where anyone can bring broken items and volunteers will help to fix them, teaching along the way.

A Library of Things, lending even more items like food dehydrators, sewing machines and portable BBQs.

Why build a tool library?

Building stronger ties in the community. When we are able to support one another and know that we too will be supported, everyone benefits.

Save money for a rainy day, because those are apparently expensive. Why buy a tool that you only need for one project?

Empowerment and knowledge sharing. We all have something to bring to the table, and nothing feels better than lifting each other up.

Curbing needless consumption benefits the planet. In a world with finite resources, it behooves us to live lightly.

Repairing is one of the 5 Rs. Refuse, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle are all vital components of a circular economy.

The Nuts and Bolts

The Tool Library will require people to have a membership to borrow tools and be managed using lending library software. This will help to track tools coming in and out and allow tools to be reserved. 100% of membership fees will be used within the Tool Library to pay for the software, legal fees, and for the maintenance of tools within the library. We are hoping to be able to offer several free memberships for anyone unable to purchase their own which will be funded by a +1 membership for people in a position to subsidize another person’s membership. Tools requiring inputs, like fuel or oil, or that have consumable parts, like a string trimmer, will require a small per day rental fee to cover these additional costs. For individuals or businesses who’d like to help support the Tool Library as sponsors, any amount over 100$ will include an annual membership. Tools returned after their due date will incur fines (starting at 1$/day for most tools), which will again be used to maintain and operate the Tool Library.

Subsidized Membership$0
Basic Membership (sliding scale)$30-50/yr
Basic +1 Membership$60-100/yr
Student Membership$20
Sponsorshipany $ amount

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to become a member?

  • No. We want the tool library to be as accessible as possible, and not everyone has credit cards. We also have strong opinions about the credit card industry…
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