Talking Chit: A Brief Guide to Prepping Potatoes

Who doesn’t love potatoes?! They are versatile, store well, delicious and easy to grow. Let’s talk about the first steps to grow a healthy, abundant crop of potatoes. The best place to start is with high quality seed potatoes. Can you use potatoes from the grocery store? Potentially, but there are a few reasons toContinue reading “Talking Chit: A Brief Guide to Prepping Potatoes”

Stitching for Change

When we heard that there was a local group sewing menstrual products out of salvaged fabric for people around the world we just had to find out more. So we joined them! On the 4th Monday of every month (except December, July and August) a group of talented generous souls gathers in the basement ofContinue reading “Stitching for Change”

Let’s Talk About…Food Waste

Resilient.SEA, in conjunction with Community Food Connections Association (CFCA), is excited to offer an event next week, Let’s Talk About…Food Waste. 58 per cent of all food produced in Canada — 35.5 million tonnes — is lost or wasted each year. If you are interested in what is happening in our local community to preventContinue reading “Let’s Talk About…Food Waste”

Council of Canadians Presents: A Green New Deal for Canadians

“Will corporations decide our climate future? Or will it be people and communities? We can weave a Green New Deal together by winning municipal resolutions from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Will you join us? Help win a Green New Deal by turning your community into a Green New Deal Community. Together, we can build a Green New DealContinue reading “Council of Canadians Presents: A Green New Deal for Canadians”